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Employee Spotlight:


Drew Dickinson, Dental Hygienist

Also known as the “Flossing Boss,” Drew’s  been cleaning teeth and treating patients at Dr. Files’ office since October 2011. A self-proclaimed “Type A neat freak,” Drew was naturally attracted to the profession.

“I love cleaning, I love picking, and I love teeth,” she states. “A career in dentistry seemed the best fit for my personality.”

Drew prides herself on her skills in communicating and connecting with patients and feels proudest when her patients come to care as much about their oral health as she does. She’s also inspired by new ideas, technologies, and experiences. Drew recently completed a half-marathon and is passionate about outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking and camping.

Although Drew is a dental professional, patients are often surprised to discover she’s had quite a bit of work on her own teeth. “I have a filling in almost every tooth, and those without fillings likely have crowns,” she laughs.

“Cosmetic dentistry is an art,” she adds. “When it’s done correctly, all people notice is your smile.”


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