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Compelling Reasons to Maintain Your Oral Health

Compelling Reasons to Maintain Your Oral Health

You’ve heard it before: brush, floss, repeat. And the reasons for doing so are many. After all, you want fresh breath and beautiful, healthy teeth to last a lifetime, right? At the office of Jeffrey Files, DDS in Redmond, WA, we want to inform our valued clients of another compelling reason for paying close attention to your oral health.

Research has shown that there exists a link between one’s oral and systemic health, with periodontal disease being tied to cardiovascular disease, stroke and preterm birth. In its early stages, periodontal (gum) disease has symptoms which are easy to overlook. However, as it advances, symptoms include swollen, bleeding gums, unpleasant taste and odor, and bone loss leading to tooth loss.

So how can you avoid these symptoms and take another step towards preserving your whole-body health? Well, scheduling an appointment with a qualified DDS in Redmond such as Dr. Jeffrey Files is a great place to start. In the meantime, everyone can benefit from following the basic rules of oral hygiene. Brush your teeth with a soft-bristled tooth brush at least twice every day for two minutes. Floss every day. Eat a balanced healthy diet, low in sugary foods and beverages, and drink plenty of water. Also, maintaining a regular schedule of excellent dental care is crucial to keeping your smile healthy!

With this in mind, we invite you to contact the office of Jeffrey Files, DDS, FAGD, PS in Redmond today!

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