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New Teeth Whitening Product Announcement by Redmond WA Dentist Dr. Jeffrey Files, DDS FAGD – Dentists in Redmond, Bellevue, Kirkland, Bothell Washington (WA)

New Product Announcement

Have you considered whitening your teeth but don’t have time to deal with messy trays? Have you attempted to whiten in the past but experienced tooth sensitivity? If you have dreamed of whiter teeth and wished there was an easy, painless way, now is your opportunity. Dr. Files has recently introduced WOW Spraywhite®, a revolutionary new teeth whitening delivery system that can give you results in as little as 90 seconds!

The quick, in-home two-step process involves first spraying teeth with Spraywhite®, swishing for 90 seconds, and then either re-applying the spray or finishing with the provided neutralizer. Little to no sensitivity has been reported with using the WOW Spraywhite® product as compared to other whitening systems (such as lasers, bright lights and trays), because it comes with a unique buffering product that neutralizes the whitening agent. While patients will see results instantly, the entire process takes two to three weeks to complete. This product is not designed for children or young adults as the powerful bleaching agent should be handled with care.

The following Q&A answers many of the questions our patients have about the WOW Spraywhite® system but feel free to call us at (425) 885-0008 to find out how quickly and affordably you can have a whiter and brighter smile!

Is the WOW Spraywhite® process more expensive?
No. In fact it costs the same as the traditional take-home tray teeth whitening method.

How long does the entire process take?
While results can occur in as little as 90 seconds, you will be able to repeat the procedure two to three times daily, which adds up to only five minutes a day. Total results will require two to three weeks.

Will the procedure make my teeth sensitive?
No. Because the whitening agent is on your teeth for such a short time and your take-home kit comes with its own neutralizer, this method produces little or no teeth sensitivity.

How long will WOW Spraywhite® results last?
Results last as long as other teeth whitening methods. Your kit comes with a second spray bottle designed for “touch-ups” that you can do periodically.

Is the process messy?
No. The system is very simple. You just close your lips over the protective shield and spray the whitener on your front teeth. Then you swish. No more gooey gels and messy clean-up.

How many visits will I need to make to your office?
You only need one visit for us to go over the WOW Spraywhite® system and you will start to see results right away. We will provide detailed instructions and let you use the spray while you are in the office so you feel confident using this method at home.

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