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Crowns Redmond WA
A dental crown is a restoration solution that can return full function and beauty to a damaged tooth by replacing and reinforcing the top of the tooth, sometimes down to the gum line. Teeth with surface damage or decay can be returned to their original strength with well-placed crowns. Redmond, WA patients turn to Dr. Jeff Files for guidance when it comes to crowns and which type they should choose from the different methods and materials available.

Same-Day Crowns

In certain cases, you can come into our office and leave with a custom made crown the same day! CEREC technology allows us to offer amazing service to our patients by providing a way to digitally scan your tooth, then custom mill the crown right in our office. You can save time, eliminate the need for a temporary crown, and walk out with a customized crown that matches your existing teeth. Ask if you can get a same-day crown in our Redmond, WA office – we see patients daily who qualify for this service!

Lab Crowns

If a same-day crown isn’t the right solution, we can easily have a lab-created crown ready for you in a short period of time. Every tooth is different, and our dentist in Redmond, WA will help you select the strongest material to best withstand the appropriate bite pressure. A properly installed lab-fabricated crown can last for years, allowing you to chew and smile with confidence.

Call us today to learn more about modern, high quality same-day or lab-created crowns from our Redmond, WA offices. Dr. Files is able to help you make the right choice and ensure your crown is properly seated for years of use.

Providing services for crowns in Redmond, WA for Kirkland, Bellevue, Bothell and Sammamish, WA.

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