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Dr. Jeff Files DDS
To Dr. Files, dentistry is about helping each patient become a participant in their own dental care. When patients understand why dental hygiene is so important, it motivates them to devote the short amount of time each day to do their part in keeping their smile bright and healthy. In addition to proper home care, each patient will benefit from our all-encompassing preventive dentistry.

At Dr. Files’ office, your smile will benefit from much more than a cleaning, though our cleanings are gentle, comfortable and thorough. We offer CariFree products to neutralize the pH of the mouth and prevent cavities. Our personalized patient education helps patients understand their treatment and home care regimen. Kids are welcome in our practice – our team and patients enjoys the family friendly environment for smiles of all ages. These broad efforts to keep your smile healthy make Dr. Files a dentist Sammamish and Redmond patients look forward to seeing.

To further protect patients, Sammamish area dentist in Redmond, WA Dr. Files employs state of the art testing: Oral DNA testing as well as Oral Pathogen testing. These quick and painless procedures help diagnose the condition of your mouth and its susceptibility for infection or periodontal disease. To treat periodontal disease, Dr. Files has topical antibiotic rinses and localized antibiotic delivery systems to fight gum infections. These treatments are painless and effective.

Why Choose Dr. Files?

Dr. Files brings years of expertise combined with the latest advances in dental technology to his patients. Dentistry becomes an interesting part of your health routine instead of an experience to be dreaded! State-of-the-art dental tools and equipment mean every visit to this Sammamish area dentist can be completed quickly and efficiently.

We take digital x-rays using machines that protect your health and minimize your exposure to radiation (digital x-rays reduce radiation exposure 80-90% compared to traditional x-rays). We use intraoral cameras to capture the inside of your mouth with the highest possible level of detail, and provide diagnostic expertise. Additionally, we employ painless lasers to check for cavities.

Why should you choose Dr. Files as your dentist for Sammamish, Bellevue, Bothell, Woodinville, Redmond, Sammamish and Kirkland, WA? We invite you to visit our office and learn firsthand why.

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